Fountain of Memories

We fill the celebration of our loved one’s life with memories through photos, special videos, maybe even letters or handwritten recipes on display. It is a way of revisiting the memorable and unique things about them. But what about when the service itself? That, too, is a memory for many, where friends and family shared in remembrance of their loved one.

Over a favorite catered meal or during an intimate, candlelit visitation, the families who gather at Bedford Funeral Chapel remember this time as a vital part of their healing journey. This is why we dreamt and created our Fountain of Memories, signifying the eternal love we have for those that have died. As recalled memories refresh the soul of loved ones left behind, so too does the living fountain at our Bedford Funeral Chapel location.

Proudly placed at the heart of our beautiful lawn, the Fountain of Memories offers a lasting tribute to your loved one and the life you shared with them. We welcome our area families to stop by, take a seat on a nearby bench, and look upon the seasonal flowers and bubbling water. We invite you to sit and stay a while as you reflect on your loved one’s life. Though they are gone, your memories of them live on.