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History of Urbanski Funeral Home

 In 1896 Stanley J. Urbanski was the first of his generation to be born in the United States of America. His parents came to America from Poznan, a little town in Poland. Coming from a large and very poor family living on Dexter Street in Toledo, Ohio his father made him drop out of school in sixth grade so he could work and help pay to feed the rest of the family. He worked as a clerk in a grocery store. He was drafted into WWI where he served with the Rainbow Division in the trenches of France in the Argonne and Chatatierre. When he returned to Toledo he operated a taxi cab being industrious he bought another and another and hired his brothers and relatives to drive for him. He  also purchased a limousine. Stanley found that after losing friends in the war, he discovered the importance of funerals. After surviving WWI; thanks to the GI Bill, he was allowed to attend the Cincinnati College of Embalming in Cincinnati, Ohio.


History of Urbanski's Bedford Funeral Chapel

In 1954, Stanley J. Urbanski, who founded Urbanski Funeral Home on Lagrange Street in Toledo shortly after WWI, purchased property at Lewis Avenue and Dean Road in Temperance, Michigan from Mr. Donald Brunner. Stanley knew at that time it was only a matter of time before people in the city of Toledo would want to move to Bedford Township to raise their families in larger homes with land for their children to grow up on. He sensed ahead of his time the exodus of the city life to the growth of the suburbs. He knew that it was only a matter of time before there was a need for a larger, more accommodating, upscale funeral facility in Bedford. Ground was broken in 1968 for what is now Urbanski's Bedford Funeral Chapel. We started with one acre of ground and built an 8,000 square foot building designed for the future of funeral service. This was started as a collaboration with Stanley J., William A. and William G. Urbanski. Three generations of funeral directors in the Urbanski family were involved.

William G. Urbanski graduated in March of 1969 from The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science, was named Resident Manager and moved into the facility which started operations in October, 1969.

Three months later due to the need for ambulance service in the area, the Bedford Chapel Ambulance Service was begun by William G. Urbanski. With the help of volunteers from the Bedford Fire Department, hundreds of lives were saved over the many years.

The now 12,000 square foot facility is the largest and most accommodating funeral establishment in the area, with the best prices available.

We have also entered our 4th generation of licensed funeral directors, with Eric J. Urbanski receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Mortuary Science from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science in 2009.